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    1st Road bike setup/upgrades

    Have lurked for quite awhile and have found the forum posts informative and enjoyable. Me early 30s 6'1" 200 33.5 inseam previously road mountain bikes current ride a dual sport hybrid for mostly neighborhood rides with kids in trailer or trail-a-bike. Had contemplated picking up a road bike to log some more miles etc. Hit the local bike shops and Craigslist after reviewing the forums, multiple Specialized dealers, Trek, Giant, REI, and a Performance bike in town. Ran my numbers through the competitive cyclist website and was mostly searching for a decent used alloy 58cm frame with 105 spec components. Sat on a few new ones but wasn't quite ready to plunk down the $1200-$1500 quite yet.

    Was out pulling the 4yr old on the trail-a-bike around the neighborhood garage sale this weekend and saw Specialized road bike a few blocks over. 56cm frame 2009 Allez Sport, 5600 105 Crank,F/R Der, Mavic cxp22 rims upgraded with 23mm gatorskins. He had the stem flipped 90mm +16deg. Rode well shifted well and couldn't turn it down for the price $50.... Fit doesn't appear to be bad.

    Here's where i'm at with questions
    Will probably order a longer stem 110 or 120mm to stretch the cockpit and probably decrease angle from +16 to 10 or so. Raised the seatpost and moved saddle back.
    Brakes are lackluster alloy dual pivots. Do i just slap some koolstopps in (unsure of size) or grab a set of 5600 or 5700 used 105 brakes for 40-50 off ebay, or get a new set of 5800 105's for $75 or so?
    Will be heading to the local bike coop to work on tuning it up will probably replace brake cables possibly shifter cables and check chain and degrease it.
    Pedals had a ugly set of alloy platform MTB pedals. Was planning on picking up a set of SPD shoes (MTB style) and some clipless pedals debating A-520's M-530's or possibly some Candy1's or the new Shimano ED500 dual side touring pedals.

    Have a Performance bike in town to grab some jerseys and bibs or shorts. Any Recs?

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    It's generally not a good idea to put a lot of money into a used bike like that. Especially if there is a chance it's not going to be a good fit (physically) in the long term.

    My suggestion would be, if it's in decent riding shape, just ride it like it is, and save your money for a new bike when you are ready.

    Performance Ultra shorts and bibs are decent quality for the price. I'm not a big fan of the new model years graphics, but I have a few older ones that still make the rotation once in a while.

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    A bunch of people here may crucify you for fit issues buying a 56 at your height but I agree it may be worth playing around with for $50. If it doesn't work out maybe you can actually turn a profit on it. Good luck!

    BTW for time being I wouldn't bother with the brakes. Not a bad idea to do the cables and housing, and check the handlebar for corrosion when you take off the bar tape. You can probably find a good deal on a stem. But I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't ride this long before you want to upgrade, and you were already planning a substantially bigger budget so save it for the next ride...
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    New cables/housing and properly adjusted indexing is money well spent.

    New brake pads are a very good and cheap idea to see if they improve braking. Wait until the new cables/housing are installed to see if braking improves. Then pads. Last resort new calipers if you think the braking is that bad.

    Regarding stem length and advise other than comfort is king. Try to resist any specific online advise. Everything will feel comfortable for the first hour. If your fit matches you're flexibility/body/ability then you should remain comfortable indefinitely. If fit doesn't match then the bike slowly becomes intolerable.

    No specific advise on short/bibs brand as they are so personnel. This, like shoes, are an area to not worry about money imo...You do want to size them tight enough that the chamois/pad doesn't move around but not too small that the pad is not covering areas designed to cover. You want more dense pad v. soft and squishy. Antimicrobial and breathable.

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    $50??!!! Was it stolen? Is the frame cracked? The components alone are worth at least $100.
    "L'enfer, c'est les autres"

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    Quote Originally Posted by No Time Toulouse View Post
    $50??!!! Was it stolen? Is the frame cracked? The components alone are worth at least $100.
    No, older gentleman in the neighborhood. I live in a decent subdivision. Community garage sale weekend, put it out just to clear garage space. A bit dusty with a bit of chain grime. He and his wife have nice matching high dollar Gunnar trekking bikes that they explore on.

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