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    My first 50 mile ride.

    This coming Saturday, (May 18th) I will be partaking in my first road race. It's 50 miles, there is only ~800ft of elavation gain (which is very miniscule in comparison to the routes I ride in town. The last 36.1 mile ride I did had ~2,500ft of elevation gain)...

    How should I go about riding this week to get ready for it? It's not an extremely competitive ride, (so far there are only 15 people registered for the 50 mile ride), but I also want to do well. It's still pretty early in the season for me too (I've rode about 200 miles this year so far, starting mid April.) Recently I've been biking in the early morning about 20 miles per ride, three times last weekdays. Should I do the same this week, ride tomorrow morning, Tuesday and maybe Thursday, then rest Friday then ride my race Saturday morning? And if so, how many miles should I ride those mornings.?

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    I jumped up from 35 miles to 50 the first time I hit 50. I suggest hydrating your body before you hit the 35 mark so your not taking blood away from your legs when your the most tired and need it the most.

    You are the one who knows your body the best and how long it generally takes to recover from a ride, so take this with a grain of salt. If I am going to do a big ride I always back off for 2-3 days and do active recovery with are short ~15mile rides just to get blood flowing as opposed to sitting on your butt.

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    Personally I would do whatever I felt like Monday or Tuesday (including hard and long if I had the time), nothing Wed. and Thursday and ride VERY easy on Friday (just enough to stay loose but no stress on the legs).

    What that should mean to you is absolutely nothing. Chance are you need more or less recovery than I do and our experience is totally different.

    One thing though is you're not going to gain fitness in a week so better off over rested than tired from riding so error on that side of things if you're not sure.

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    Definitely rest the day before. What prep did you do for the 36 mile ride?

    Saturday I just completed my first 50 mile road ride. I had been doing 20 milers to that point and finally had time to do a longer ride and I did. I did not plan on doing 50, but by the time I hit about 42 I was thinking of just making the extra miles. Took me about 2:35 min with 1300 feet elevation gain (19.9 mph avg).

    However I have been mtn biking for a while and 2.5 hrs on my mtn bike is normal weekend ride for me. Still it worked my legs differently since it was nearly constant pedaling. Not really sure what advice I can give other than to not plan to go your normal 20 miler pace the entire distance. Probably best to back off a bit and just leave some leg reserve. If you were weeks out I would suggest building up the distance slowly so you know you can get there. It is as much for the mind as it is for the body.
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    Depending on your fitness, you could ride a reasonably hard ride on Thursday, say 30 miles, then you would completely rest and recover on Friday. Make sure you eat properly, good mix of protein and carbs, over at least three servings on Friday. Get some carbs in on Saturday morning, for me I usually have sweet potatoes and black eyed peas early that morning, followed by a banana or two within 30 minutes of race time. Good luck!

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    A race, like USAC-sanctioned and for upgrade points, or something like a Gran Fondo?

    If it's the former, the other riders are going to drop you early on and that'll be that.

    I guess it's too late to do anything different to prepare. So I'll be curious to hear how it went.

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