Okay so my background is I got a used Scott speedster s50 and decided to sell and get a Allez Sprint Tiagra model and I do LOVE it. That being said my other option was the 16 Allez sprint comp in 105 which I still do have my heart set on. The shop I go to only had the caad10 and I've been wanting to know which would be a better option Allez 105/Giant TCR or caad12 105. I like them all and from what I've read the TCR has the most aggressive riding style compared to the other two. Between the Allez and caad 10 I rode the only different felt was the Allez handles road bumps better but the caad I felt the power more instantly.

I've been able to ride the sprint just fine I've logged about 60mi in the two weeks I've owned it. Got some used carbon wheels coming for it (used vuelta pro) so I'm looking for a long distance riding bike. Next bike!-img_2448.jpg

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