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    Is a seat post rack okay with aluminum frame and carbon chain stays?

    This is the bike I have, Sette Vitale 2.0, Aluminum frame with carbon fork and rear stays. The seat post is aluminum too.

    I was wondering if a seat post rack is a good option or just forget it and keep using my camelback for long rides. Pictured is the seat post rack I have (Sette brand). I used it from time to time on my mountain bike (Sette Reken) before I purchased this road bike. I am new to road bikes and need all the help I can get.

    I have a trunk bag to strap to the rack and will use it for my pump, tubes, rain gear, lunch, snacks, ect. If it is okay to use the rack it will be a permanent install on the bike and will at most carry 5 lbs of stuff.

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    If the same rack supported ~5 lbs. of 'stuff' on your MTB, it'll certainly do the same on your road bike.

    As far as weight concerns, your bike supports all of a riders weight and the post ~50%, so ~5 lbs. more won't matter.

    Just make sure that whatever you carry on the rack is secured properly.

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    Should be fine. The carbon stays are irrelevant to this consideration.
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    Thanks for the help. I have read some concerns about using racks with carbon frames, though mine isn't full carbon. I figured I'd be okay but wanted some input.

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