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    Shimano 540's vs. Quattro SL for first clipless system?

    My wife just got her first pair of biking shoes (Sidi Mountain Bike Shoes) and I am debating whether to use a pair of Shimano 540 SPD pedals and new cleats I have or a pair of Quattro SL and new cleats I have...any thoughts?

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    While, I haven't ridden the quattro, I think my crank bros. pedals are much easier to get in and out of than my spd cleats. If she has never used clipless before I vote for anything crank bros. Just my preference, after having started out w/ spd.

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    I ride Quattro SL pedals. I love them. They're simple to use.. no adjustments because they're not needed. I ride regular Eggs on my full squish... Mallet 2's on my SS.. and Quattro's on my road bike.. I figure that trying something else is a waste of effort if I love what I already have.

    With the Quattro cleats you can still walk too.. without fear of ruining your cleat.
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    Why not try them both and let her decide. I use to ride the quattros but changed to the shimano system and I like it better. My wife tried both and likes her quattros. She likes how they guide you to the clips. Personal preference.
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