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Thread: Slime???

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    Slime for road bike tires??? Pros and cons???

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    In my (and our shop's) experience, Slime is OK for low pressure MTB and Beach cruiser tires. But in a 110+ psi road tire, anything but the smallest pinhole and the Slime will "blow through."
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    I've never used it in 45 years of riding. I think it's be messy, and there are too many other remedies for frequent flats, e.g., belted tires, thorn resistant tubes, heavier tires, careful riding, etc.
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    Nothing like seeing slime all over an expensive road bike after a blow out. We were out in the middle of nowhere and the bike couldn't really be cleaned up. Then the guy had to fix the flat with all the green goo everywhere. Not pretty. Not practical.
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