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    Black or White finishing kit?

    What are peoples opinions on saddles and bar tape? Which goes best with a celeste frame, white or black?

    Black or White finishing kit?-bianchi-infinito-cv-super-record-compact-2014-road-bike-celeste-black-white-ev197936-5000-1.jpg

    Black or White finishing kit?-rennrad-bianchi-infinito-cv-2016-campagnolo-athena-11sp-compact-1024x721.jpg

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    White is better. Wear gloves with white palms to avoid transferring dyes into the bar tape.

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    Black unless you are female or European.

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    I go with White tape, White saddle on the majority of my bikes and at least white tape on the others. Most bikes already have a ton of black on them between the cockpit, seatpost, wheels, groupo and the logo's. I like to bring the white as an accent color. The white for me is the traditional PRO look that worked for Coppi, Merckx etc, before the Bennotto colored tape of the '80's. I use Fizik and have no problem keeping it clean. Change the tape once in early spring and then in fall. Cheap way to make the bike feel new. My .02

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    Of those, I personally prefer the black because of the black lettering.

    If you had white lettering, or at least some other strong white accents on the frame, then I'd say go all out and use a white seat, white tape, and definitely include white cable housings.

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    Split the difference, black saddle and white bar tape.
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    Black saddle, Celeste tape, or Celeste/Celeste, because you can never ever have too much Celeste.
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    Lettering and accents are really navy blue if I recall correctly.

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