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    1996 Vitus 992 Ovoid...what to look for?

    Going to check out a beautiful 1996 Vitus 992 Ovoid for the wife today. I know it's a French bike...anyone know anything specific I should check out on it (other than the obvious stuff)?


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    992 has a funky integrated headset. If the bearings are worn, don't buy it unless you are a machinist.

    Some Vitus frames come apart at the glued joints. Usually the ones with carbon tubes. But check it.

    Check the rear spacing. If it's 126mm then don't get it. You can't spread the dropouts to 130mm to take modern wheels.

    I rode my 979 for many years. It's flexible but that doesn't bother me, and the ride is good.

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    Definitely ask around to see if replacement bearings are available for the proprietary headset. Do an internet search on "Vitus Repair" or something similar. There used to be someone in the PA. area I think, that specialized in them and was a U.S. warranty center or some such thing. If they're still around, they might even have spare lugs for frame repairs.

    The seat post may be a unique 25.0 mm size. Make sure it's not seized and the set screw binder works.

    Look for cracks where the lugs meet the tubes.

    Even if the frame is 126mm in the rear end, it'll easily accept newer, 130mm rear wheels. My buddy did it with his Vitus 979 and wheels fit without a hitch.

    Cool frame, by the way.

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    I have had one since the 90's. It's definitely a keeper. Great bike that's fun to ride. Here is my post from the past.
    Rode the Vitus today
    Good advise given so far. Way back when, headsets were $100. Even if the one you are looking at has a slightly notchy headset, I wouldn't walk away before trying to get a lower price.
    Another place to check is the set screw under the black band on the upper head set. Chances are it's OK but you don't know if some ham fisted mechanic used the wrong sized allen wrench. Same with the set screw for the seat post. The decals weren't clear coated at the factory so if they are missing or beat up that's why. That wouldn't be a deal breaker for me. The cable housing can rub an ugly spot on the head tube if no protective tape has been used.
    Let us know how the deal turns out. They are sweet bikes and I hope it's a keeper.

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    And unfortunately it's too big for my wife. Absolutely beautiful bike though...almost bought it anyways!!

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    raced on one in the mid 1990's....had to tighten the headset almost daily..the odd seatpost with the flat spot and set pin was frozen in place..the glue joining the tubes would dry up and come apart so I got used to regluing myself because it was my only frame so I couldn't afford the down time of sending to the guy in philly.......but vitus was what sean kelly rode so it was good enough for me!
    You're probably better off that it didn't fit your wife, I don't think I'd feel safe putting a loved one (assumed!) on a second hand glued 2 decade old frameset.

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