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    2006 Lemond Versailles...what is a good price?

    I'm considering a purchase of a new 2006 Lemond Versailles from my LBS. They will sell it to me for $999. Does this seem like a good price? As reference, this bike is a steel/carbon spine with 105/Ultegra mix. Any input is appreciated. Thanks...

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    Thats a very very good price. The shop isn't making any money on that bike. Buy the bike and be very very nice when you do.
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    The cheapest I ever found the 06 Versaille was $1400. That is a super frame. A frame that will give you many years of great rides. That is an under-rated bike.
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    What size do you need? I have a very lightly used Versailles that I can sell you shipped for a bit less than that. I will post pictures tomorrow if you are interested.

    Drop me a PM.

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    That is a very good price for that bike. I paid $1200 last fall for a closeout '06 Trek 2100 with a similar component mix and thought that was a great deal. Still do. But the Lemond you are looking at has a better frame than the 2100, (more carbon fiber) and is $200 less to boot. That sounds like a super great deal to me. I'd buy it! But only of course if the frame is your size.

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    We paid $1500.00 for my wife's 06 Versailles. That was a bit under the going rate in the summer of 06.

    So if it fits well that's a real good price - jump on it.

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