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    2008 Schwinn Peloton vs. Scattante R-660 double road bike


    I was just wondering if I can get some help in choosing a new road bike. It is my first road bike purchase. At Performance Bikes the 2008 Schwinn Peloton (full carbon fiber) for $1214.00 or the Scattante R-660 double road bike (aluminum with carbon forks and rear triangle) $1199.00. The Scattante has some better components. The full specs are listed on I appreciate any feedback that I can get. I plan to ride 50 or so miles a week and progress to more.

    Thank you

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    Without a doubt, get the full carbon Schwinn. I have the 2006 R-650 (model before the 660), and its a great bike, but its a pretty harsh ride. The Peloton is an awesome deal for the money. The price on the 660 is kinda high, I've seen some CFR comps in that price range. If your performance has a Tuesday lunch 10% off, see if they will give it to you on a bike as well as the current coupon. Most of the time the managers will accept lots of coupons if they have to make their numbers that week. Friday evening is also a really good time to shop because of this.

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    If you want something to compare against the Schwinn, it won't be the R660. The Scattante CFR Carbon bikes are more in the same league as the Peloton. They are $300 more, but the better components make up for the difference.

    I've ridden both and prefer the CFR bikes over the Peloton. Take one out for a spin and see what you think.

    Your best bet is to put your butt on as many bikes as possible before picking one out.

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