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A very thick casing wire bead Schwalbe that looks wider than the claimed 28mm and retails for $20. At 100psi they were way too harsh. At 80 they felt mushy. I settled for 90 and had some of each sensaton. They would probably be a good cheap commuter tire as the casings must be somewhat puncture resistant. In fact I just sold our 54cm to a guy who's gonna use it for year round commuting that includes a gravel section.
Well, OK, so you could probably get a much better ride with a pair of $35 each Vittoria Rubinos. It looks like the bean counters won at the expense of ruining people's perception of the bike. If Cannondale really wanted to save $$, they should have gone with one of the cheap light tires that punctures when you look at it. It probably wouldn't flat until after the purchase. Just saying.