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Thread: The 3T Strada

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marc View Post
    Heh...30mm tires? On "Gravel"? At best maybe dry and hardpack MMR with some limestone or flint sprinkled on it.....and even that is presuming it doesn't get bedded in a valley in your tire, one chunk of gravel and those wheels are locking up and/or doing damage to your $3,500 frameset.
    I think the fact that it fits 28mm tires makes people draw the conclusion that we somehow decided this was going to be an endurance or mixed surface bike. We created the EXPLORO last year to bring an offering for those folks looking for tire clearance. The EXPLORO has road geo, the shortest chainstays you can put on a 2x frame with 142mm OLD and fits 55mm tires.

    The STRADA is not a replacement for the EXPLORO. Wider tires are faster, the STRADA is simply made to be faster for a given input. 1x is not for everyone yet no one draws a line in their experience with 2x systems and recalls the revelation in moving from 2x9 to 2x10. Most road 2x systems have a ~350% range. If you are looking for range 1x has a far greater spread than what you can find in a 2x configuration.

    I've spent a bunch of time on a 44t with a 10x42t and I'm currently riding the Strada with a 52t and 11-36t. I've become a fan of the 1x approach.


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    For me, my bike could be as aero as possible but when the engine is the antithesis of ain't going to matter.

    From mtb world all I knew was 1x. I thought 1x would be just fine on road/gravel. I can tolerate some space between gearing but I think that has more to do with me being new to the road. While I really do not like having a front D I've gotten very cozy with the Ultegra on my Domane.

    The more road miles I ride the more anal I become about my cadence and gearing. I would feel stripped if it were taken away and all I had were 1x.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay Strongbow View Post
    They just took every trend and tried to cram it all on one bike without regard to how much sense individual trends make when combined with each other.

    It's like a food company doing marketing research and seeing that pizza and ice cream are trending up so figuring Ice Cream Pizza makes sense.
    Yep, this pretty much. So much rubbish.
    Well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion man. - The Dude

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