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    Anyone make a straight 1.5" steerer fork?

    If so, who?

    I'm wondering why this standard hasn't caught on.

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    Think the old klein mtb (adroit attitude) of the pre-trek time had 1.5 inch (or pretty close) steerer tubes.

    Those bikes had everything that is now new (pressed in bearings), except disc brakes and thru axles. You should get one.

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    probably because there is 8 trillion stems out there and if a new standard came out they wouldn... wait... thats exactly why they should have become standard 2 years ago... and 2.0-1.5 tapered last year and then 2.0 straight this year...
    All the gear and no idea

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    Obviously the industry will wait until everyone has bought a disc bike, and then bring out straight 1 1/2" forks.
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    Rockshox Totem. 1.5" was a thing in MTB around the time that freeride bikes switched from dual crown to 7" single crown forks.

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