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    bkidd1187, it's only a headset
    get calipers and measure both the bearing(s) - whichever one is loose in its seat - and the seat diameter
    if the difference is more than 0.2mm, cut a strip out of a beer can and place it between the bearing and its seat

    you can find the standard dimensions for IS42/IS52 drop-in tapered headset (which, I assume, is the subject) here:

    if the head tube is way off spec, a photo of digital calipers in the offending seat with diameter clearly readable would probably help you get something out of the seller

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    Quote Originally Posted by bkidd1187 View Post
    True, but I'm sure it will all work out in the end. I'm really dissapointed that this frameset didn't work out. I read reviews on this specific frameset with only good things about quality, stiffness, being quite fast. The latest from Dengfu is send the defective frame to another customer in the USA that has ordered an FM087 (and they also think shipping a bike will cost only $30 instead of the actual $91.72 I was quoted by USPS) or close the dispute with my credit card company and I will get immediate refund. Sounds really shady either way.

    And it's probably not realistic to have the bike broken down, packed, and ready to ship by this time frame with the work load the bike shop is currently under.

    I would much prefer they just want the frameset shipped back to them for proper inspection, but I'm sure they know shipping from the USA to China is very expensive. And there's no way I'm going to pay for that. Also that is just bad business ethics to pass on a defective frameset to a fellow customer who is just going to have the same problem I had.

    "Our customer in USA must receive our frameset no later than 9th. Generally speaking, it just needs one day to receive if you are both in USA. That's the reason why I ask you to send it no later than 8th.

    If you can't do everything before this time, we must go ahead on Paypal. If that, we will provide all evidence to prove there is no problem of our frame and let Paypal to judge it. In the end, you would not get refund or get refund still need send frameset. But it will take long time, even more than 3 months to deal with it. So as I said we don't want to waste time. Then our boss agrees you to send it back to our customer in USA. After it, we will refund to you.

    So pls speed up to send frameset back before 8th. We will send money immediately to you once we receive frameset.

    Or you can close dispute on Paypal now. If that, no time limit. We can refund when we receive frameset. You can send it any time. We, as a company, you can trust us. You don't worry we will cheat you. Because if that, you can do everything to defame us or complain us. But for us, you, as a individual customer. We can't do more things if you don't do as you say. So pls understand our request.

    Pls give me fast reply. Thanks."

    I definitely don't think I'll be canceling the dispute I've opened with my Amex......
    Document well. Get your bike mechanic to document everything. And send it to American Express. Because this is now between your Amex and Paypal. It's on you to prove you received a defective product. Overwhelm Amex and Paypa with evidence, you'll surely get your refund. Cause as you stated, it's unsafe, prove to Amex that the product is not just defective, but unsafe to ride. Good luck!

    Quote Originally Posted by mcian View Post
    Hi guys,
    after around 6000km my frame (FM066-SL, the steerer tube says R01, weight 0.78Kg) just cracked while i was descending with about 85km/h in the 24h Nurburgring race. Although it happened in a corner and i was barely able to hold the line i was able to stop without crashing.
    If you wonder what a frame with a broken top tube feels like in a corner:
    It is like sitting on a wobbly piece of toast with big tires that are inflated to minimum. Something like that...

    Of course never did i clamp the top tube nor did anything fall onto it. Of course i never crashed or let the bike fall over. I only weigh 72kg. This season i raced several crits on it and never had a problem.

    After the manufacturer asked me to send the frame to China i removed all parts and i found the bottom bracket to spin within the shell. It was brand new since i upgraded to a powermeter...
    I used a torque wrench and tightened the BB to only 12Nm and marked the BB and frame with a white Edding to see if it would move. I've heard from three people so far that they've experienced the same problem.

    Since the frame is only around 10 months old i got an exchange frame. But of course only the frame, seatpost and fork must be ordered seperately and payed for. Since i did not want to have the same frame again i got an upgrade to another frame which costs around 150$ more. In this case i had to pay another 130$ for the fork and seapost.
    Shipping is included but i will have to pay again 20% tax. Hopefully they will let the frame through the customs with a low price like this.

    Regarding my broken 50$ BB and the 250$ i spend on the 24h race in total i did not get any reply. The hours for wrenching everything off the bike and on again is not payed for by anyone.

    My conclusion:
    My calculation of saving several hundreds by buying a chinese frame goes down the drain.
    I just ordered a Canyon and my spare bike will be my Caad 10 alloy bike i just pulled out of the cellar.

    Attachment 320068

    The company selling this frame is one of the major names everyone is talking about. I do not think the name is useful for anyone since the frame is offered by several companies.

    I let everyone draw their own conclusions from this story.
    Sucks. Glad they offered to replace the frame and cost little to get you back on the bike. My conclusion? You lucked out a lot more if you went with Trek. They would have offered a crash a replacement, as you'd have to prove this wasn't just a spontaneous crack, and that they would believe you. That's the problem with Trek/Specialized, great warranty on paper, get them to honor the warranty is the problem. My other conclusion, that's the risk of anything mass manufactured. If my AKG K712 headphones break, my conclusion isn't going to be all AKG headphones suck. It sucks when things break on us, but that's the risk we take for the modern efficient, and cheap mass manufacturing. How many people do I know with defective iPhones? Nearly everyone I know who has owned iPhones has had problems with them breaking, and Apple support being, buy a new one. Yet people keep buying them. You come to your own conclusion.

    Importantly, you're safe. It's up to you to decide if you continue to ride these frames, but just remember, Trek/Specialized etc don't make frames. And even companies like Giant and Merida don't make all of them, they do outsource to factories in China. So you're screwed if you don't trust Chinese manufacturing.
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