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    Convert Y-foil for Tri use- seatpost angle question

    I picked up a Y-foil from a friend for a good price. Always wanted a beam bike. Currently setup with drop bars on quill stem. It's my size (at least in top tube length), although the seatpost angle is 72. I am interested in converting to Tri use, with a steeper angle.
    (Yes, I know this a UCI banned bike, although even that statement is debated in other forums. Not looking to debate that issue here, looking for a seatpost angle solution.)

    I'll be replacing quill stem/drop bars with quill to threadless adapter, longer stem, and tri/TT aero bars, and changing shifters and cables and all too.

    Question is: Will I be able to effectively (and safely) use a no-setback seatpost to get the seat angle from 72 closer to 78ish, and if so, any suggestions? Or, even weirder, I've seen a Y-foil for tri with a setback seatpost put on backwards to bring it up, looked terrible, but if I cared what people thought of me and how my bike looks, I wouldn't be on a Y-foil.

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    I guess my question is... tri foils are still insanely popular in triathlons.

    I understand the positioning needs to be slightly different, and perhaps this will make a huge difference at competitive levels but a regular "road fit" isn't gonna kill you doing the TT leg even for 126 miles.
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