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    Cracked Frame - Wilier Warranty


    I bought a Wilier Mortirolo Mirage 2009 3 years ago (Nov 2009) and cleaning it a few weeks ago I found a crack (looks like a scratch but not a straight line, more wiggly at one end) on the frame just below the bottom bracket. 50% of the guys in the shop where I bought it think it is probably ok to ride and 50% said don't - the shop cannot work out whether its a crack or not.

    I have asked about whether it is covered under the warranty as I did some searching online and found out Wilier now have a 5 year warranty on frames now. Apparently this is a new thing, although I did find reference to a 4 year warranty also. The shop have said its only 2 years for 2009 bikes so out of warranty.

    I suppose my question is what was the Wilier warranty policy back in 2009? Also any other ideas as to what I can do to get it sorted (apart from buying a new frame)?

    Going forward I would serious consider warranties on frames when I buy my next bike as I have not got much use out of my bike and this problem has occurred.

    Any help would be great!


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    Some carbon frames CAN be repaired. Contact the experts on carbon frame repair, Design.

    I don't know what the original warranty period on those frames was.

    One item most people don't consider when buying a frame is the warranty. They also fail to keep a copy of the warranty or they lose their receipt. Some people fail to file a warranty registration. Others don't ask questions or consider how difficult it may be to get warranty service if needed (I consider it much easier to deal with U.S. companies, assuming you're in the States, vs. trying to get a foreign company to warranty a frame regardless of whether you bought it domestically; sometimes even the U.S. importers of frame X can't back up the warranty as well as you think.).
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    It never hurts to pursue a warranty claim even if technically out of warranty. I've been successful at getting items replaced well past warranty period. Generally I have had better luck calling the company directly rather than going through the retailer.

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    If the are has paint the only way to know if the priblem is really a crack in the carbon, you have to sand the paint off or something.

    As for the warranty, call them and see what they can do. If not...well somebody gave you an option already.

    Good luck.

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    I would bet it's a paint crack and the frame is fine. No one in a shop will tell you that because of liability.

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