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    Estate sale find

    As a new member of the forum, please forgive me if I am posting this in the wrong place, there is certainly a lot of information about bikes here! I recently picked up an old road bike at an estate sale, but as the bike had been painted with rattle-can black paint, I am unable to determine its manufacturer. Stripping the paint revealed a serial number 5586848, and a chrome fork with"Reynolds 53" on one fork tube and "tted 8/21 R" on the other. Reynolds 531, maybe? Also, on the seat stays the letters "AD" are inscribed. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm off to peruse the forum, thanks!
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    Austro-Daimler? Google & e-bay show several Reynolds 531 models for sale

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    the s/n seems to be similar to those posted here...appears to be a 70s vintage model.

    Austro Daimler serial number chart
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    Well, you might've actually found one of the better Austro-Daimlers; the majority of those imported were low-end gaspipe frames. What type of bottom bracket does it have? I seem to remember that a lot of A/D's used obsolete Swiss threading, so before you try to remove the drive side cup, read up on the differences, and how to tell them apart.

    BTW, it looks like it's been poorly repainted, judging by the awful paint surface and the overspray on the seatpost. Anybody who didn't know enough to remove that before painting likely was equally clueless about general maintenance.
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    Thanks for the reply, the bike has Shimano components, including Biopace cranks and Dura-Ace brakes and hubs. The paint job was applied much as you described, but the bike appears to have very little mileage. It was hanging from the roof (in the house) for most of the last 20 years or so. Thanks again for the input.

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    if neither the stem nor seatpost is stuck, you're usually in good shape for a rebuild.

    i rebuilt an AD 531 bike for a friend about a year ago. it was sorta a frankenbike like yours, but a joy to work on.
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