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    Question Independent Fabrication Factory Lightweight

    Hi All,

    I stopped by a LBS yesterday because I had some time to kill and the store owner showed me his bike, which is an Independent Fabrication Lightweight. The bike is a custom bike and doesn't weigh much over 17 lbs. The paint job is amazing! I already have a 07 Trek Madone and an 08 Look 585 and I really like the IF Lightweight. I need some feedback on this frame. I know the frame is steel and the seatstays and fork are carbon. I know it's bit pricy... it's frame set along costs $2700!



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    Great bikes. You might notice I'm a bit biased, but I probably won't be the only person to say that. Since it's custom, it would be made to your measurements, your description of what you want the bike to ride like and whatever paint you want on it. The stays could be either steel or carbon. They'll blend steel from different MFR's to get the ride to be what you and they want it to be.

    I have one of their MTB frames from '01. I love the thing.


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    You don't need feedback, you need self control!

    You have two perfectly fine bikes but they are just production bikes. What you experienced is lust that can only be generated by custom frames. The myriad of choices in finishes can make a bike you fall in love with.

    Until you go through the process of ordering a custom frame, you won't be able to fully appreciate them. IF is a very good first choice. Sell one of your bikes and go for it.

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    I know I need self control!

    The shop owner offered to let me test ride his bike and I am afraid to go back to the shop!
    I know I have two great bikes, but the fact that a custom bike tailored to fit my body just sounds very, very, very, tempting....

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    I hate you it not personal. It's the bikes you have are amazing wait a few years them go custom.
    This is gunna be interesting
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    Darn, i was hoping this was about a DIY CF frame. In the amateur rocket community I am part of, we do it all the time. Difference is we aint riding them.

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    Carbon stays on a steel bike is just sillyness.

    "Ultralight"? You don't mention how much you weigh?

    Is it an S3 tubeset?
    If your opinion differs from mine, ..........Too bad.
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