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    Kona Zing vs Specialized Allez Elite

    I'm looking at picking up a 2006-2008 Aluminum frame to go out and take on some longer ride 50+ miles. I would like snappy performance and a light frame. These bikes seem to run in the $600-800 range used, with the Kona being a bit more pricey it would seem. Which would you all recommend?
    Specialized Allez Elite 2006-2008 (Not sure about Comp, Double, Triple distinctions)
    I'm 5'10", 200lbs, and I don't have especially long legs.
    I know there are a bunch of bikes out there that are really similar (Al frame, shimano 105's) but the reason I was looking at these two is that in the past I have liked Specialized bikes better than the other "normal" brands. As for Kona, I have never tried one but I like the company and have heard good things. One question I have is if it's worth trying to track down a Kona Zing to test ride, as it is not a common bike. Any other thoughts on the two?

    My only other though was that I might prefer a bike with Campagnolos because the times that I have used STI shifters I really didn't like them.

    I'm open to recommendations/suggestions.


    Lastly, the Kona is something different from a smaller maker that won't be seen too often, so I'm attracted to it for that reason.

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    I purchased a specialized allez elite triple 2 months back. I absolutely love this bike, it rides great, the geometry is very comfortable but also aero and the 105 shifters are great. I would highly recommend it.
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