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    Lemond Maillot Jaune vs. Gunnar Roadie

    I currently ride a 2003 Lemond Maillot Jaune (Reynolds Pro 853 frame). I'm looking to upgrade, and looking at the Gunnar Roadie. The geometry on the Gunnar looks a little faster handling and uses an updated tubeset. Does anyone have any experiences with these two bikes? Ultimately I'm looking for something that feels a little quicker in handling but still give a great stable ride.

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    The Gunnar has got to be one of the best buys on the market, but I don't think it will fit your needs for a faster handling bike.

    Gunnar's head tube angles are steeper than the 2003 LeMond's ONLY on Gunnar sizes 54 and below. If you're riding a taller LeMond than that, there's no difference in head angle until you get into the real tall Gunnar sizes like 59 and above, then the LeMond has a steeper head angle.

    An easier way to get "quicker" handling would be to buy a fork with more rake than your current one. You need to get one with a minimum of 3mm more rake to really notice a difference. I think this is a good route to go because it blows a lot less money then a new frame and sorta gives you what you want. But I'd caution you; fast handling bikes can be fatiguing on longer rides. It gets old having to pay attention to the front end all the time.

    Quite frankly, if you're interested in a faster handling bike but you still want it stable, you might be better off buying a custom steel frame. There are many custom builders out there that can translate the specs of your LeMond and build you a faster handling bike that's still stable.

    By the way, I consider "quicker handling...stable ride" a contradiction.

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    I own a LeMond Buenos Aires and I previously owned a Gunnar Roadie. It looks like the Buenos Aires is the same frame as your LeMond, so I have experience with both the Gunnar and LeMond steel frames. My Gunnar was outfitted with a Reynolds Ouza Comp fork.

    My take is that there wasn't a lot of difference in the handling department. There was quite a difference in the ride department, with the LeMond offering a superior ride on a long rides. It seemed to me that the Roadie, with its larger diameter tubing and compact geometry, felt a little more buzzy, more akin to alloy ride characteristics. At least that was my take.

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    Unless you have new bike-itis, I'd stick with the LeMond. I don't see how the Roadie is going to be all that different.

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