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    Look 585 Optimum vs. Felt F1 SL

    Folks, got a short-fuse good situation.

    I have a used Felt F1 SL and a used Look 585 Optimum framesets staring at me at the LBS. Both are screaming deals and in good shape.

    The bike will be an all-rounder, used for crits, hill climbs, and stage racing, as well as being a 150-200 mi/week trainer.

    If the Felt is $200 less expensive than the 585, which would you get, and why? Any reason to be concerned about durability of the 585 carbon rear dropouts (only reason I'm leaning toward the Felt)?


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    I don't know about Felt F1 SL, but I can tell you my Look 585 does everything well. I have had it for about a year and half and I have not complaints about it.

    I have recently put together a 2009 Cervelo S2. It's a land rocket. However, if I were to choose between Look 585 and Cervelo S2, I would pick Look 585 in a heartbeat.
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    I am not sure about the Felt either + I have a definite bias towards the 585 but...

    The Optimum has the higher head tube on it - that may not be best for racing, especially crits as the front end may not be as tight as you want it.

    Otherwise, for a trainer and high mileage bike it's great.

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    If I was you I'd sit down with someone you trust at the shop and discuss the differences in geo (which naturally will show differences in fit and handling).

    Both are great frames and fit/position will be the most distinguishing difference in my opinion.

    The Felt has a more aggressive design. While the Look is a bit more relaxed (but certainly still suited for some aggressive riding). Your flixibility (or lack of) and desired riding postion might be significant factors that'll help separating the two frames.

    I wouldn't worry about the carbon drop outs.

    Either way you'll have a great frame so I'd try to boil your decision down the fit and geo characteristics. The Look is probably considered a better "all rounder" but then again I use a more aggressive bike as an all rounder without issue. So who knows, tough call. If pressed I'd go with the Look.
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    You need to get about a 40 min. ride on both of them. See which one feels best to you as far as fit and handling. Don't be deterred from the 585 just because it's an Optimum. It'll handle what you can dish out.

    I don't know the prices, but used or not, unless you have bottom-less wallet, I wouldn't risk using either of those in a Crit. That's what aluminum is for....LOL

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