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    Merckx carbon AXM

    On the market for a new(er) carbon frame and wondering if anyone out there is riding a Merckx AXM. Any feedback regarding the Merckx product would be helpful. This bike is among the few I'm considering, only 2 drawbacks I see no way around: 2 year warranty (Trek, Specialized, Giant have limited lifetime warranties) and cost.

    Also posted on Manufactures Forum for Merckx.

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    do you break frames or will race an axm in crits?

    I have never had a frame issue with any bike. maybe i am just lucky. i also don't do crits. I have a few rides in on a mxm--which i think was the axm predecessor. it is a great bike--can't fault it. think it served some top pros well. it does not beat me up on longer rides, but is stiff for climbing and handles great. if i was going to go out and buy new, id probably get a TIME VXRS if comparing bikes of the same year. sorry to not have specific info on the axm, but i can't really see how any top bike of any brand like merckx, time, look, etc could be wrong.
    good luck

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    I have the same question - I'm thinking about getting an SXM (not an AXM) and have noticed the 2 year warranty vs. the limited lifetime warranty from Specialized and Trek/Lemond. If I'm going to shell out that kind of money for a frame I want it to last a long time. I weigh 185 lbs and don't race crits, so there's probably no issue, but still the short warranty bothers me a bit.

    So... anyone have opinion on (or preferably experience with) Merckx carbon frames?

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    first off, most warranties are against defects in craftmanship due to normal use-crashing your bike in a crit doesn't count. Unless the company has a crash replacement policy, the crit issue is beside the point. That said, a 2 year warranty for a premium bike is pretty lousy. on the basis of that alone, I'd walk away from such a bike-it doesn't say much in terms of the company's standing up for the long-term durability of the product. Realistically, most people don't keep a frame in high use for more than 5 years, so at least a 5 year warranty would be minimal-that includes Look and some others.

    If the model is lugged, the warranty issue would be more important, since external lugs are a major weakness in carbon bonded frames, particularly BB/seat stays. A limited lifetime warranty is nice to have-would include Cervelo, Time, Lemond, and others.

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    true--i rarely keep a bike more than 4 years anyway

    but i also thought that not crashing in crits is still more stressful that average riding--lots of standing/all out effort and hard cornering--even if you don't crash catching a pedal and not crashing must cause some abnormal stresses????

    also true that i rarely buy new anyway. In 8 years of riding seriously--incuding commuting to and from work the last 6 i have gone down 3 times and only scraped the edge of my bar tape off--no issue to the bike (one steel--over the bars bike was on me so no impact, one ti on my side--again i took the hit, one on carbon--which was me 1st and then the bar tape getting a little of the impact too as i slid a few feet).
    warranty would not turn me on or off to a bike, but that is just me. If i was bigger (165) i'd likely be more concerned--but for regular intended use of my bikes--riding on smooth roads, I don't think to much about it. I've seen spokes break, pedals seize, and a seatpost crack ( wrong size and overclamped to keep it from slipping) but no frame issues

    of course i am sure others here can share frame issues too.

    good luck of course I guess if i was buying new i'd factor it in, but it would be far down on the list of fit, performance, price, looks, resale, etc

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