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    There's so many size/color/component combinations with Colnagos that I can see why anyone bike has a poor chance of getting sold at retail price. Plus, the overseas market is so much cheaper for frames and components that there's really no reason not to buy on-line. If I'm going to pay a lot of money for a bike, I'm pretty particular about what paint and parts it comes with. The chance that a bike shop would exactly nail that is close to zero.

    The LBS I use has Trek and Specialized with maybe a titanium bike and a Surley steel bike for show. They don't sell bikes I'm interested in. The mechanics there seem to like steel bikes and Campy components -- neither of which is sold in the shop. When I buy a bike frame and components, I take all the stuff in there and have them build it up for me. Over the last 4 years, I've had them build 7 bikes for me and my wife. They do a nice job and it's a way of throwing some money at the place. They're a nice bunch of guys and will tweak something for free for me if I have a problem.

    Bike shops exist to make a profit, and that's what sells. Lately, they've had 25 or so electric bikes on the floor. Apparently those sell well. I get buzzed by several everyday on my way to and from work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveG View Post
    I guess you are lucky, I don't think there is a Jamis dealer in my state. I doubt the average RBRer could waltz into their LBS and ride a steel bike
    Quote Originally Posted by Lombard View Post
    Dude, I live in the same state as you do!

    I just checked the map and there are three in your area:


    Freeride, Mr. Bill's, Wheelies.


    I have one of my bikes there now .
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    The cassette thank you. It can be changed easy enough so I'm being nit-picky. As long as I'm being nit-picky that's a pretty damned ugly crankset too. Nice bike for the price though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lombard View Post
    Point taken. A 61 would be difficult to sell if you didn't like the bike. They would eventually have to sell it on eBay as new/old stock and take a loss.
    Ah, maybe the one single advantage for being tall...that's just about my size, and I can always find good deals on large frames during the winter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveG View Post
    I guess you are lucky, I don't think there is a Jamis dealer in my state. I doubt the average RBRer could waltz into their LBS and ride a steel bike
    False! Am average RBRer, I've waltzed into 5 different bike shops found the following steel steeds:
    Marin Nicasio
    Jamis Quest and others
    Raleigh Record Ace
    Retrospec various models
    RLT Niner 853
    Fairdale bikes

    Maybe its because I don't live in an average cycling city?

    I am also not thrilled about the Motobecane brand, my roommate has a Motobecane Century Pro AL frameset and its not a bad riding bike. I thought about getting their Titanium offering in the past, but sanding off the branding. I guess I can get some huffy stickers for anti-theft purposes.

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    I mean who needs a carbon crank on a steel road bike ?.

    For $2000 I'd rather build up a Soma Smoothie that'll take 28mm tires, or the Smoothie ES with 32mm. I'd be able to afford better wheels as well.

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    I have 2 carbon bikes so I thought I'd pick up a steel one.
    I ended up getting a 2017 Raleigh Grand Vitesse. 853 steel with a carbon fork and Ultegra drivetrain.

    Paid $1065 on Ebay. It was a floor model that was in like new condition. It looks like it was never ridden.
    I've ridden it 3 times totaling 110 miles. Very nice riding bike. It absorbs the bump/road very similar to my carbon bikes.
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    Looks like a great deal to me. I just don't get the Motobecane hate. I've had my titanium version for over 5 years and other than a few initial set up problems, it's been fantastic. It was really the only way I could afford to get a titanium bike - at least a new one.
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