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    Need some help from Colnago experts here. Does this C60 look legit?

    A friend of a friend is selling this and it fits. He gave me the heads up that the serial number is partly scratched off. What do you all think?
    Thanks very much.

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    Why is the serial number partially scratched off? Does it fit you?
    Are you asking should you buy it with a scratched serial number? Are you asking if it's a good frame, or how much you should pay?

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    Sure is a nice looking frame.
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    Why is only the number part scratched, and not the rivets, or the frame? Why are the scratches in the orientation they are in? Why isn't the word Colagno scratched? How, exactly, could that part of the plate get scratched but not result in other scratches that are not between the rivets?

    IOW, does that look like riding damage, or intentional? How, exactly, would those scratches take down those numbers but NOT damage the rivets or frame from riding or storage?

    In fact, it looks like at least one of those scratches runs UNDER the rivet.

    I would assume the bike has been stolen at some point in the past.
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    Seems fishy, I think I would pass

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    The scratched number is probably evidence that it is real. If you can fake an entire frame you wouldn't have any problems faking a decent serial number.

    Could be it's stolen but why wouldn't whoever just finish the job and really scratch it off? Stolen doesn't really add up either.

    Maybe the number took a beating along with the frame and someone did a good re-paint.

    In summary, I have no idea. Just like any other stranger on the internet most likely.

    See if your friend can help you trace it back to it's origin.

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    I find it odd that only part of the serial number is scratched off. If it was stolen, there is enough left that it may be able to be identified.

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    What's the line I am seeing on the back left of the seat tube?

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    They have pictures of it sitting on concrete, which would be in contact with the plate.
    I'm a sucker for blue, it looks sweet! What size is it?

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    If the seller can explain it then go ahead. Sweet looking bike. 2017 model so the history is easy enough to check out.

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    My guess is genuine, but stolen at some point in its life.

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