Well, my bonus check is here and i'm finally upgrading from my old '83 Schwinn Voyageur that is literally falling apart on me... li'l bit, by li'l bit.... (I'll add that this was my first road bike ((I'm 29, I got it used)) and I love the classic steel thing. LOVE it!) I've got a budget of around $800, though of course, I am looking for value. If there is something super sweet that I am missing I could maybe, possibly, almost swing $1000.

Anyway, I am between the Norco Club and the Redline Conquest Classic. The pros and cons as I see them:

Norco Club:
P: Double Butted Steel
P: At my LBS so I know the fit is right.
?: Mixed component groups... not sure whether that is really important, though I am inexperienced with this...
C: Cotton grip tape!?!?! I know it's an easy fix, but seriously!?!?!?
C: Caliper Brakes, not bad, but not disc brakes.

Redline Classic:
P: Disc Brakes
P: Double Butted steel
P: I believe it is all Shimano Tiagra/105 (?) components, I may be wrong about this though.
C: A different LBS would have to order for me so not sure of the fit. I have read that they run "large".

So, I suppose I like the Redline more on paper... though having the Norco in my hands has been oh so nice. Anybody have anything they'd like to throw in about this? I would really appreciate any advice anyone can give.

P.S. I suppose I should include that I will mostly be commuting to work just under 50 miles per week with this and my route isn't the smoothest of bike paths... so any experience with craftmanship of either manufacturers would be of benefit.

Thanks in advance!!