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    Pedal Force ZX3?

    Pedal Force has a promotion now for their ZX3 frame and fork with a SRAM Rival group for about $1200. The deal does not include bar/stem, seat/seatpost and wheels.

    I'm tempted, and I've heard good things about the company, but I have heard very little about that particular frame. Do any of you have a ZX3 and could you please share your experiences?

    Thank you for your input.

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    If you want to see the ZX3 up close, go to your local Performance store. Its the same frame as the Scattante carbon bikes.
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    I think Pedal Force is Ok, and it would not scare me one bit to own one. However, there is competition on the bargain end and, I like the Velovie bike better - though it might be just a little more money. This bike has been reviewed here.

    By the time you've added the cost of wheels, bars, stem, post, etc., you might be very close to the cost of the Velovie.

    Not trying to change your mind, just offering up another viable option.

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    I have a PedalForce QS2. It's a good bike. It rides a bit smoother than my Cervelo R3SL. It's good enough to race. The ID14 fork is not the best, its kind of flexy. I'd get a diffferent fork were I buying now.

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    i think its a good deal

    i have a pedal force rs2 and like it a lot. if you are going to buy it and need to get bars and wheels call pedal force to see if you can include it with your purchase of the special.

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    I have the RS2 and it has been great, so I would think the new frame would be okay. For the price it's hard to beat, and Pedal Force was great to deal with.

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    I've got the ZX3. I built it up over the winter and actually rode it for the first time this morning. I'm obviously not going to give you a ride report on a 30 minute stroll, but I'm pleased overall with the frame. Fit and finish is not on par with the more $ frames, but it's above acceptable IMO. Previous poster is correct in that it's the same frame as one of the Scattante bikes. I was actually in Performance a few months ago, looked at the wall at one of their bikes, and was like, WTF? Sure enough, same frame as far as I can tell. Some folks say the carbon weave on the PF is superior, however. Whatever, I have no idea.

    I did have an issue with the first frame I received. The rear dropouts were not "jiving," and the wheel would not center in the rear triangle. Basically, one dropout was bigger and the axle would fit sloppily. I email PF about it, and they sent out a new frame. They just had me send back the suspect frame in the same box, shipping covered, obviously.

    I'd say get it, you won't be disappointed.

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    I've owned my ZX3 for 2 years -- since before they came out -- so I'll share my experience.

    I bought the bike through a group buy. A carbon bike for a steal in price. PF also labeled the bike for sprinters, which is what I am. Deal! Building it was really simple. No headset press needed, either.

    Initially, I had the lightweight fork from PF, later swapped to the aero fork after breaking it in a crash. They feel about the same.

    As for the ride report -- I love it. I've won some ridiculously fast sprints on it, and completed many 30+ hour weeks. I've never had speed wobble, and I can honestly say that I trust my life on the bike. It's comfortable, stiff, and predictable.

    For the price, I couldn't have asked for more. I would buy it again in a heartbeat.
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    Buy It ! I got a Zx3 last spring & couldn't be happier with it. I'm 6' & around 225lbs these days, the frame is stiff enough & rides well for me. I've owned a bunch of nice bikes in Steel, Alu & Cbn, I'd put the Zx3 right in with any of them in terms of ride quality! The company is also great to deal with.

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    speaking of group buys...does anyone know when they or if they still do that. I feel like I heard January but i haven't seen or heard anything about it lately.

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