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    Thumbs up Please help me build a budget spec for a Kinesis T2

    Hi there, I am building a Kinesis T2 Road Bike

    I'm a newbie to road bikes, so I wanted people to help me build a spec for my soon to be Kinesis T2, I want to buy new but 2nd hand is good if possible.

    Please can you only use links from U.K online stores as I'm from England too?

    Many Thanks to those who help

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    Some additional information would be helpful! What do you want to do with your bike? Do you have any friends with parts they can donate? Budget? I have access to some very good pricing, but building a bike from parts is still more expensive than buying one whole.

    I build a lot of "parts bin" bikes for friends and family. It started from having a LOT of leftover Shimano 9 speed components and many cycling friends who'd donate their upgraded parts so that a new rider or one of our kids could get a bike. I filled in the blanks from there.

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    I'm not too sure of the budget yet as I haven't sold my other bike, but it should be about £350, I don't have any friends which can donate unfortunately but I plan on putting drops on it and 8 speed.

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    So, I have the frame,fork,drops etc.

    Next up are component choice. I'm going to be running single ring up front.
    [Reason as to why I run single ring up front is; I was going to go single speed, then decided to go geared. My gf complained about me changing parts so I'm stuck with single ring for a while]
    Anyway. I will need a certain brand of the following (bolded being most important)

    -Shifters/brakes a.k.a brifters.

    -Rear dérailleur (short reach)



    SRAM,Shiamno or Campy??

    What would you guys go for?

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    if you are one a budget, you'd better save on transmission component to get good wheels/tires and a saddle which fits you well. I'd say go tiagra/105/apex or rival for the derailleurs and shifters. You can mix shimano chain/cassette with sram components.

    You can check ribble/wiggle/chain reaction cycles/bike24. All do good prices. Just choose the one giving you the best price+shipping cost for the choosen components.

    As you are new to road biking, I would go to a local bike shop to do the fitting and choose the stem/seatpost. For the saddle I would suggest following a manufacturers test program.

    Keep in mind that you should not be broke when the bike is completed. If you ride a lot, good tires, chains, cables and brake pads can make quite a sum at the end of the year. Tires and brake pads are parts that you don't want to go low budget (go gp4000s and swisstop green or koolstop salmon).
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