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    Roubaix or OCR or Big Sky SLT?

    Greetings all!
    I would greatly appreciate any feedback; I plan to get back in the saddle after a few years' hiatus and want to add incentive by spoiling myself with a new ride. At this point, I've been considering the Specialized Roubaix, the Lemond Big Sky SLT, and the Giant OCR Composite. I'd be particularly interested if anyone has actual experience with one or more of these bikes, but I'm open to other suggestions, too. FYI, I *love* to climb fast, but at 46 years old, I don't want to torture my embrittled skeleton with a pure race bike.
    Many thanks,

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    Roubaix Feedback

    I bought a Roubaix Comp 27 two months ago and at 51 I'm even older than you. Mine is a 54 cm and I made some upgrades. I bought the bike used on ebay and it arrived with a broken Ultegra left shifter. The shifter was stripped inside and I was unimpressed with the quality of the part so I upgraded to Dura Ace shifters. While I was at it I went with very ergonomic carbon bar$. I also changed the brake pads because the original shimanos were simply awful. The wheels that came on the bike are the Mavic Equipes and they are good wheels but could be lighter. I believe that I will eventually get a lighter saddle to save weight - I just don't need that much padding.
    Now for the good stuff: The frame is great! I like a quick, stiff frame and the Roubaix does not dissapoint me. I only have a few hundred miles on it due to winter weather in Chicago but every time I ride I finish feeling like I could have or should have gone farther. I just don't come home sore and beaten up. That isn't to say the bike is a softie; it's not at all. In fact, when I think "faster" it's as if the bike is already there. Acceleration is downright snappy and it loves hills. I don't get out of the saddle much, it's not my style. But when I pass my friends going up hills, I lift with one foot and push with the other - the three speed in the front helps and I detect no flexing in the frame at all. Cornering is tight and predictable. As with any light, short road bike, you need to pay attention so as not to drift while reaching for a water bottle or looking back at approaching traffic etc. Having said that, the Roubaix handles much like my old bike ( a 1974 Schwinn Paramount) which I really like. I changed tires for the winter to Vittoria All Weather 22 mm. These tires are great! They feel just like my old sew-ups on the Paramount.
    Oh, did I mention that this bike is Fast?
    Over all, I love the frame and fork; I like the wheels; the FSA carbon crankset is excellent, the Shimano shifters are OK but not great, the deraileurs are very good as are the breaks with koolstop pads.
    There are so many great choices in bikes today, I don't think you can go too wrong with any quality bike you get as long as it fits.
    I hope this input helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr.groundhog
    I bought a Roubaix Comp 27 two months ago and at 51 I'm even older than you.
    I'd like to be original here, but I'm 51 and I just bought a Comp 27 too. Oh, but I bought mine 4 months ago. The Roubaix is great, as the many happy owners on these forums will attest. The first bike I tested was a Big Sky SL. It's a different bike. I liked the handling, but kept testing bikes, and just fell in love with the fast, responsive yet stable ride of the Roubaix. The Big Sky will take fenders, wider tires. and I think a rack, so it's perhaps more versatile. Roubaix is essentially a comfortable racing bike.

    I'm beginning to be curious what the average age of a Specialized Roubaix owner is.

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    Thanks, both of you, for the feedback. The Roubaix sounds great. I'm looking forward to trying one out.

    MGDColorado; Since you have actually ridden a Big Sky (and I'm having trouble finding them around here, in Michigan), may I impose on you to elaborate further re. how the ride, speed, handling, etc., compares with the Roubaix?

    Thanks again,

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