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    Ruby Elite vs. Ruby Comp (vs. Roubaix Comp)

    I am new to the roadbike scene. I planned on getting the 2007 Roubaix Comp and was being fitted for it when the bike guy suggested that I consider the women's version, the Ruby. Now I have to decide whether to go with the Roubaix, choose the Ruby Elite, or choose the Ruby Comp. I am looking for advice simply because I need it! Like I said, I am new to the cycling world, which also means I am new to the terminology, parts, and quality. Please help! Thanks so much.

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    Ride them all. Pick which fits and feels the best. The "womens" versions are geared towards women but that doesn't mean you'll like it better than the "mens" version of the bikes.
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    I wish I could give you a solid answer but it all comes down to the way it feels when you ride it. The key is to put at least a 1/2 hour (if practical and possible) on the bike before you buy it. Practice making a lot of slow turns during the ride to see how the bike feels. If you have some hills you can climb go ahead and do them to see how the bike feels while your grinding up the slopes. My wife looked seriously at the Ruby a couple of months ago and liked it but ended up getting a Felt FW2. She said it just "felt better". And that can make a big difference in the long run.
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    Go for the best fit

    Test ride the Ruby; perhaps a slightly shorter top tube will fit you better. You should have at least a size 90 stem or better on the Ruby.
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    women's specific bikes are that way for a reason. since (obviously ) men and women are proportioned differently. it's more than just what slapping on what the marketing schemers think are colors women will like on men's bikes. my girlfriend loved the fit of the ruby, and i've found specialized in general are very "fit-friendly", it just seems their frames seem to fit a rather wide variety of people in my experience. all that being said, if a men's bike feels better while you're riding, then go for it.

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