Most of my riding buddies have added road riding to the trail riding we've been doing for many years. They've all purchased brand new, expensive (sometimes very expensive) road bikes. Needless to say, there's lots of peer pressure to step up for the road rides with a new, latest/greatest, shiny, expensive road bike...complete with neural inputs.

Ok...I have a reputation to uphold; I'm a total's a fact.

So, I've been thinking how much fun it would be to show up for the road rides with an older (inexpensive), steel, road ride...let them make fun of my bike, and then make each one of them crack during the hill rides. I'll probably even add a little bell to my handlebars to ring as each one cracks. Trust me...they all deserve this.

Don't get me wrong...I want a nice, classy ride. Of course it *is* about the bike. It's just these guys are too ignorant to know that a good reynolds 853 frame kicks ass. They'll see a late 90s frame and laugh their asses off....that is until the suffering begins ;)

I've been watching the online classified and ebay for the perfect It's-not-about-the-bike Bike. You guys have any suggestions? I'm 6'2" with 35 inch inseam. I'm guessing I need a 60 cm bike. I would like to avoid tube shifters if possible....although tube shifters might add to the dick effect.