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    Some advice please...Blue RD1 or Trek Madone 4.5?

    Hi everyone,

    I have finally decided to upgrade my [very] ancient bike After weeks of looking around, I have finally settled on TWO ...and of course now I am having a very difficult time making my final decision. I think I am leaning towards the Blue RD1 as this is the first one I REALLY fell in love with. The reviews I saw for it were excellent. I recently just came across the Trek Madone 4.5 however and have read a lot of good reviews on this bike too....a ton more reviews actually than the Blue RD1 since it seems be a much more popular bike.

    Please can some of you weigh in and give me your advice? I would REALLY appreciate it! I have been going back and forth between the two and just cannot make up my mind. (Altho' deep down I think I prefer the Blue RD1 as I mentioned above...;)

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    never ridden either but the trek looks like it has better components
    current bike 2010 tarmac sl3
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    I have never heard of blue before interesting...

    Have you been able to ride either one?

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    Agree with j-man about the Trek having better components, but YOU are the one who has to be happy with it. I wouldn't dismiss those "deep down" preferences too quickly, if you feel a connection to the Blue.

    Madones are nice bikes but they're thick on the ground ... how important is exclusivity to you? The Blue should give you a little of that.

    And what about the paint jobs? That matters, too.

    But nothing trumps proper fit, and how a bike feels when you ride it. If the fit is off you won't be comfortable or efficient, and if the feel is wrong you won't be happy.

    So: take a good long ride on each and then see what your head and heart tell you.
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    I have a friend who has the Blue RD1. Sweet bike. The carbon finish is really pretty. Can't tell you which is better, but the Blue is a nice bike.

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    I have an older BLUE RC6 and LOVE IT! I rode a RD1, very nice bike.

    The TREK is a nice bike. Both have lifetime warranties and stand behind their bikes. Go with the one you like better.

    Components are about the same with a slight edge in cranks with the TREK, I mean slight. The RD 1 has slightly better wheels.

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    I haven't had a chance to ride either yet...but am going to look into doing so this weekend hopefully. I think there is a used RD at the LBS.

    There is another one that I am throwing into the mix now which also looks really excellent an has great reviews (altho' the frame is aluminum but the bike has a carbon fork)...
    Trek 2 Series 2.3

    As for the paint job, I definitely like the RD1 the most And in this thread the rider obviously LOVES her RD1.
    I haven't seen too much info on the RD1 but what reviews I HAVE read give it high accolades!

    Of course I need to give both (or - all three - now ) a test ride first. Of course I would still very much appreciate any further input any of you would have...I am so undecided it's terrible! I will let you know more once I have testridden one of them at least

    (I am also torn as to whether I even NEED a full carbon bike since I am just a cycling 'enthusiast', cycling for the pure love of it - at my leisure - and not professionally... )

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    friend's team is sponsored by Blue Comp....know a few guys have the RD1 this year.. and was thinking about one myself....i haven't pulled the trigger yet, but they say the bike is absolutely amazing. very stiff, very responsive.
    Blue is selling out their inventory very fast this year, so you may have to wait...
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