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    Stack vs reach: please help me size

    Iím currently riding Giant Defy Advanced M 50.0, stack 566 reach 377 stem 8 degrees 90mm flipped.

    Pinarello K8 S, what would be the correct size for me? Below is geometry.

    Iím confused because the geometry puts me at 515 for reach and between 540 an 550 for stack. Or am I looking at this all wrong? Please help!
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    What does a 90mm flipped stem mean? How much space is between the top of the headtube and the bottom of the stem? How many spacers? And is the stem pointing upwards?

    Your bike is a very short and tall bike with a very short stem and probably a very tall setup.

    That basically means all race bikes are off the table for you, none of them will fit.

    You can maybe try a BMC Granfondo, that's a very tall and short bike that can race and has raced in Paris Roubaix. Most anything if not everything from Pinarello is off the table, nothing is going to fit outside of maybe their most relaxed bike.

    I would look for a different bike. One that fits better. You're on the right track by using stack and reach but in the wrong ballpark all together in bike choice.
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    Assuming your Defy fits the way you want a bike to fit, none of them is the correct size for you.

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    Wouldn't a 55, with a 80 or 75 stem be close?

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    If you have maybe 10mm or less in spacer height and the stem is in the -8 degree orientation the 53 would work decently with an extra couple spacers or flipping the stem to +8.

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    When you say the stem is "flipped", I am assuming you mean it is pointed down, correct? If so, it sounds like you are taking your endurance geometry Giant Defy and trying to give it a more race-like position.

    Will the new bike fit? Nobody here can tell you that for sure without seeing you on the bike. There are too many variables in the picture. The only way you will find out is to find a shop that has the bike and test ride it.
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    Sorry, the stem is flipped up

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