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    Standover clearance with Trek Domane 56 and 58

    Im trying to understand the "full picture" here and I apologize for my lack of knowledge in this regards...

    Im about to purchase a Trek Domane SLR7 and I went to a fitter before my bike purchase and I was fitted on a 56. This was mainly because they didnt have a 58 in stock. But, when I went to another shop just to test ride the bike as a 58... they pretty much said that a 56 would be too small but they also mentioned standover clearance. Im confused because a 56 and 58 standover is the same on the Domanes. So, what am I really looking for?

    This is what the shop manager gave me via email...

    "Standover is simply a measurement from ground to the top of the top tube in a frame at a point a certain distance in front of the saddle nose. It is given in geometry tables to allow a user to judge whether or not they will be able to straddle the frame with a safe amount of space between the frame and the crotch. So if a frame's standover in mm is larger than a rider's true inseam (not pants inseam!) in mm, then they will not be able to straddle the frame without the top tube hitting their crotch. In other words, there is not an ideal standover height; it is a case of simply more is better.

    The trick with a 58cm frame is, standover is going to get taller, and your odds of safely clearing the frame are going to shrink or disappear. Additionally, the 58cm frame will have a longer reach to handlebar, which will require you to bend further forward to reach the bar. In short, I suspect the 58cm frame will likely only require you to compromise your fit comfort."

    Which makes total sense to me but I did question the 56 since my last bike was a 58. Cervelo R3 2012.

    Im curious if there are any signs/symptoms that I should specifically look at so I can compare the 56 vs 58? I would think the fitter would have offered me to sit on a 58 but when I mentioned it... he said the 56 is a better fit anyways. But, I felt that it was more of a "I dont want to change bikes right now!" type of vibe I got... I wasnt very satisfied with the fit... he eyeballed everything and didnt even use the "plumb bob" which I thought all fitters used but I just didnt want to push it because... well... Im not wanting to make him upset!

    While I felt comfortable on the 56 and wanting a more upright position... should i be concerned about not looking at the 58 in regards to reach?

    edit: If it helps... i was able to standover the top tube in sandals and have a fingers width of space. When I was in my cycling shoes with speedplay zero cleats... i had almost 2 fingers space.

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    Stand over height has little to nothing to do with bike fit. Especially with sloping top tubes on today's bikes. A good fitter should know this.
    I am 5'9" with a 33" inseam I can stand over a 56 and probably a 58, but I ride a 53, cause I have a short upper body and reach.
    It's your money, don't feel bad asking to try out different bike sizes. You should really be riding them and see if your reach is right and if you feel comfortable on it.
    A decent shop will let you try out whatever bike you want to try. If not, keep looking. RIDE BOTH SIZES before you buy. Don't just sit on a trainer.

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    Considering the stack is 2cm more on the 58 and the reach is only 3mm more than the 56, you'd probably be more upright on the 58.

    Also the standover on the 58 is more than the 56.

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    Fit has more to do with riding than standing there with it between your legs. Most times we straddle our bikes one foot is on a pedal which effectively negates stand over.

    Ride both bikes and go with the one that fits better while riding.
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    I gave up worrying about standover height years ago. To me, it is all about what I call the cockpit - the riding position of the bike. This means stack, reach, saddle setback, etc. A good fitter will get you all setup correctly for years of comfortable, efficient riding.

    I am surprised that the shop didn't have a 58cm (very common size) without mentioning that they could have one in within a week. Perhaps they had sold their 58 and were waiting to make a new order of bikes (it takes an order of 15 bikes to get free freight - sometimes difficult for a small shop). Did they have a 58 in any of the other Domanes for you to at least try? The geometry is the same in the whole Domane lineup, with the exception of the pro fit one at the top of the line.
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