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    Time VX Special Pro--any info?

    I am looking at purchasing one of the following:

    A Look 381 or 481, a Colnago C40, an Orbea Orca, or a Time VX Special Pro. I've been able to find good info on all but the Time. I'm wondering a couple of things about the Time VX Special Pro:

    1. What about the fit? I can't find a geometry chart for the VX Special Pro, which is now out of production. I ride a 56 Felt (56 TT, 73.5 degree STA, with a 110 Stem) that fits great. I am 5' 11.5", with a cycling inseam of 33 1/4". I'm wondering how a size 56 Special Pro would compare, size-wise.

    2. What about the ride? Has anyone here ridden a Special Pro? How does the ride compare to other bikes you have ridden? How would it compare to any of the bikes mentioned above--the Looks, the Colnago, or the Orbea?

    Thanks for the help.

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    time has gone to compact frames so..

    it will be difficult to find a full size as last year's models were grabbed up in most locations. They are a sweet riding frame, no matter which model you chose...

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