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    Campy 10-speed rear derailleur capacity, and shimano cassette compatibility questions

    I am running a 50/34 crankset, and need a medium cage rear derailleur, if i want to run a 29/13 cassette.

    i was wondering if anybody had real-world experience running a cassette larger than a 29-tooth (32 or 34) with a campy rear derailleur? and if so, is a medium cage big enough, or do i need to go long cage?

    as well, i was wondering if a shimano 10-speed cassette is workable with the campy rear derailleur. and what chain brand works best with this combination?
    i've read accounts of people pairing the two with little to no problems. and people saying the R.D. needs some amount of modification.

    this is for a cyclocross bike
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    Lots of questions here.

    The takeup capacity of a short cage 10-spd RD is 32. 50-34=16 and 29-13=16. And 16+16=32. So no you don't need a medium cage.

    Cage length is nothing to do with clearance. All Campy RD's will have the same clearance. Clearance is related to hanger length as well as RD so the answer is "it depends on the frame" That being said, Campy sold a 12-30 Centaur cassette that worked just fine with the short cage RD. You can run up to 32T cogs in the 11-spd world (which is a whole other topic, but not what you asked).

    In the 10-speed world, campy and shimano have different cog spacings, different RD actuation ratios, and the shifters have different cable pull per shift. Workarounds and mix ups are possible but it's not really a great situation.
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    ahh, thanks for your response and clarification on clearance being a hanger issue.
    guess i don't have the option to go bigger than the 30-tooth cassette

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    Wolf Tooth makes a rear derailleur dropout extender that gives you more clearance. RoadLink ?
    Do a google search on it. As I remember, Fit Werks bike shop in VT did a favourable review on it- they actually installed it and tested it for a couple of different combinations. If you decide to go the Shimano route, you can use a jtek converter to make it work with Campag levers.

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