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    Ceramic bottom bracket installation?

    What happened to the DIY ceramic bottom bracket installation thread? I'm getting ready to install ceramic bearings on my Record 10s cranks. Anyone?

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    i had same question/ went to local shop they installed my barrings- $35.00 good luck

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    Don't know if you want to go that way. I did exactly what you are contemplating. After about 6000 miles the drive side ceramic bearing {Enduro} was totally shot.
    Same thing happened with my HED FR wheelset. Was told by HED { matter of fact, when I told them about my problem, the first words out of their mouth were, and I quote "ceramic bearings are the worst thing to ever happen to the bicycle wheel industry"} that the cause was the torsional side load on the drive side bearing, coupled with the fact that the ceramic balls are harder than the races they ride in, causes the balls to cut into the races of the bearing.
    After HED's explanation, I figured the same thing happened with my drive side crank bearing.
    Put the stock Campy bearings back in, have had zero problems since.

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