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    Angry EPS Record Shifting Issues

    Having an issue with my EPS Record shifting. When I ride the bike and do not shift it struggles to shift up to the fourth cog from the top. It does make it but its very noisy. Cass 11 -25. But once I keep shifting it will shift up and down to 4 cog from top with no problem. Then if I ride and do not shift it will struggle to make the fourth cog and the other gears will slam when shifting but again will shift flawlessly after that if I continue to shift. Did the on ride adjustment seemed to work fine but happens again still. To me it seems like the brain is not consistent in telling the rear der. on how much to move. Rear hanger is straight. I have done the zero adjustment multiple times and the upper pulley is completely centered with cog but I did notice when that is the case it does not shift very good and needs to be a little off to work properly while on stand (fraction of a millimeter left or right) I was wondering if anybody else noticed this issue with EPS and if anybody has any advice to fix. Personally with it being electronic it should shift the same all the time not sporadic like it is. Any help will be appreciative.

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    Well, the issue ended up being the hanger for der. was not straight. Restraightened all is good now!!

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    Hanger alignment is under-appreciated as a cause for "not quite right" shifting.

    Even most bike shops don't correctly check alignment, they just "eyeball" -- not good enough, especially for the tight cog spacing of 11 speed.

    For about $45 you can buy the Park Tool hanger alignment guage (model DAG2, I think).
    Well worth it, IMO. I routinely check hanger alignment several times per year, or if the bike ever falls onto the derailleur side

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