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Thread: Cannondale R800

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    Cannondale R800

    Ok so im getting into road biking just for the pure fact of cross training for marathons. Hopeing to do Tri's one day though. I have a chance to purchase a Cannondale R800 model Guy says its a 2003ish for $550 and he will throw in shoes with cleats, here is the ad.
    A Cannondale R800 in EXCELLENT CONDITION! FRAME SIZE 55cm! I bought this back as a spare rider from a dealer that had gone out of business. The bike was 'NEW' old stock left over from a few years before I bought it. I have had the bike about 3 years now and have ridden it ONLY 3 TIMES! The bike's components include:
    - Shimano 105 53-39 double crankset in the front
    - Rear bracket is 8 gears (21, 19, 17, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11)
    - Shimano 600 Rear de-railer
    - Shimano RX100 Combination Shifter/Brake Handles
    - Shimano 105 Brakes
    - 26" X 3/4" Wheels
    See pictures for more detail!

    Ive been to a LBS to be fitted and know it fits, but with just wanting to cross train cant seem to spend a 1,000 plus on new. So just wondering if this is a good deal? The only thing I dont like is the 26" wheels, they just look tiny compare to a 700c. Is there a diffrence between the 2?

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    That's definitely not 2003. Looks more like 96-97 to me. Also, looks much larger than 55, more like a 58-60 to me

    I'd say that you could do better with 550$


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    Got any suggestions for me? Ive been looking on ebay/craigslist for about a week straight and this seems to be the only thing to pop up with 105 or better. Ive been to lbs and a few flea markets but no luck. I would really like newer, I did see a trek 1.2 tonight that i LOVED for 859 but I cant do justice for only going to be ridding 2 to 3 times a week. Is there anywhere else that I should look?


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    The bike is definitely not a 2003 models. The Shimano RX100 is a very old group that was positioned between the 105 line and their lowest line (RSX, I think). The bike pictured has 1 inch head tube with a standard quill stem. This makes it something like a late 90s model. $550 would strike me as steep for a bike that is probably over 10 years old.

    Also, that does not look like a 55cm bike frame. That looks more like a 58 or 60cm frame to me. The head tube is very long for a 55cm. Also, I don't believe cannondale made frames in odd number increments. When I bought my 1998 R300, they started at 48cm in 2 cm increments. You could probably do better imho.


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    Got to be 63cm at least.
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    Did Cannondale really make 650c wheeled road bikes? If so, that would throw off the "size-by-picture-o-meter"

    The parts are crap for that price.
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    Did Cannondale really make 650c wheeled road bikes?

    yes, but mostly on touring bikes or of course tri bikes...that frame has to be a 60 or +. offer $400 ish and ride the heck out of it..

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