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    R3000 Headset Problem

    I'm working on a 2003 R3000, cleaning it up and getting it ready to sell.

    Anyone ever dealt with the Campy Hiddenset on one of these? I was working on the headset and that the top cap was fatigued and cracked. Pulled it off, thinking I would just get a new compression plug and be done.

    Here's where things went a little different. Since it's a carbon steerer, I was surprised to see a star nut stuffed down in the steerer tube. The top cap is about 1" deep, with some kind of bushing stuffed inside. Not really a compression plug like I was expecting, just a thick top cap inserted into the steerer tube and tightened down like a traditional threadless setup.

    Is this normal for these C-Dales? Anyone have any suggestions?

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    That top cap is Cdales answer to a compression plug. It's a much better solution, IMO. With the long top cap inserted, I doubt it is possible to crush the steerer, no matter how much you tightened the stem.

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    It's normal. Ask your local 'Dale dealer about a topcap like that, they probably have one laying around.
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