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    Talking How's Dr Dew for Communting and big guys=250

    I'm in my 50's and used to ride everyday when I was living in WI.=Trails and bike lanes.
    Now I'm in Southern IN. and it's flatter here. I'm a big guy at 250 but hope the bike can trim me dowm to 220. How would the Dr Dew be for me??? I like the Hayes disc brakes and 27in tires. How ould the riding position be for me for longer rides..Looking for customizing ideas or another bike recommendation??
    Happy trails

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    The body positioning would be fine for longer rides, but be wary when you only have one hand position--the best reason for drop bars. As far as commuting, though, it looks pretty good. The wheels look strong enough, but might need to be upgraded.

    If Kona's your bag, you might check out the Jake the Snake or some such variation, or the Sutra.

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    The Dew is a flat-bar JtS--I commuted on a Major Jake quite successfully while I was without a car, and I'm (unfortunately) in your neck of the woods in terms of weight. I agree with the concern over the lack of multiple hand positions, but that's not insurmountable.

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    I have a Dew Deluxe. I had some fenders put on and found a nice rack from REI that is adjustable to mount on bikes with disks. The bike has been flawless so far. Solid gearing and the disk brakes are a godsend in wet weather. I love the 700CC wheels as well. All in all it is an excellent commuter. I weighted 205 at the beginning of spring and am now at 190.

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    I have a commuter bike setup that is very much like the Dr. Dew and it is great. I end up riding it for all sorts of errands, path/fireroad type rides, etc. The disc brakes are just one more thing that makes it super versatile.

    If the wheels seem like a problem, get some nice strong mountain disc hubs and road rims to buid a solid 3X set that will last.

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