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    Morgan Territory and Mt. Diablo South Gate side (pics & video)

    Last weekend, I did the Morgan Territory/Mt. Diablo loop for the first time. It was a group ride with the Hammerin' Wheels and the WAV Riders women's cycling club.

    The climb up the north side of Morgan Territory was pretty nice. Lots of mini descents and stair-step climbing. It kind of reminds me of a very mild version of the lower part of Mix Canyon, due to the stair-step climbs. I felt really good here and was able to finish strong at the visitor center.

    The descent down the south side was a blast! I look forward to climbing that side sometime in the future, but not if it's hot! It looked like it would be my kind of climb ;).

    Bike Ride Profile | Morgan Territory, Mt. Diablo with Hammerin' Wheels & WAV Riders near Walnut Creek | Times and Records | Strava
    Morgan Territory, Mt. Diablo with Hammerin' Wheels & WAV Riders by freighttraininguphill at Garmin Connect - Details

    On one of the flatter roads after Manning Road, some nutless wonder decided to attempt "rolling coal" on me and the other female cyclist riding behind me. Neither one of us was doing anything wrong, and we were on the far right side of the road, out of the way of motorists. What's puzzling to me is the fact that he actually gave us plenty of room before belching out that weak plume of smoke.

    Yes, it was caught on video ;).

    Dodge Ram Cummins Turbo Diesel driver tries to smoke me out and fails - YouTube

    I talked to a lot of cyclists later, and most of them had the same encounter with this jackass.

    Here's the video of the Morgan Territory climb.

    Morgan Territory climb 3-16-13 - YouTube

    On Mt. Diablo, I faded after the first few miles, so by the time I got to the ranger station I had to stop and eat real quick. Originally I wasn't planning on stopping at all, but I felt like sh_t!

    After I resumed climbing I felt even worse. I got a headache and had no energy. Thankfully the headache disappeared right before the climb up the Summit Wall, where I shifted to my lowest gear and just crawled up. My legs cramped up right at the summit sign, forcing me to stop. Another Hammerin' Wheels rider was right there and held my bike for me while I recovered. After a couple minutes I got back on and rode the final few feet to the level parking lot.

    As usual, this was caught on video .

    Bonking and cramping at Mt. Diablo Summit 3-16-13 - YouTube

    I will return to The Mountain this weekend and climb it properly (as long as it doesn't rain, that is). This time I will only climb Diablo though, not Morgan Territory.

    Here's the view of Mt. Diablo from Morgan Territory and Marsh Creek Roads

    Top of Morgan Territory climb, sort of. When we all left to descend the south side, I found out the hard way that this is only a false summit.

    Bottom of south side descent.

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    That is really pretty country.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Quote Originally Posted by the_dude
    these are better than i was expecting, and my expectations were already rather high.

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    I made up for last weekend's pathetic performance on the last half of the Diablo climb yesterday. I climbed North Gate Road to the ranger station, descended South Gate Road to the bottom, then climbed to the summit. I felt pretty good until the last four miles, where I didn't feel as strong. It was still better than last week's bonk though.

    Bike Ride Profile | Mt. Diablo N Gate to ranger station, S Gate to summit near Walnut Creek | Times and Records | Strava
    Mt. Diablo N Gate to ranger station, S Gate to summit by freighttraininguphill at Garmin Connect - Details

    View from the ranger station

    Views from the summit

    Here's video of the climb. I especially enjoyed the bird sounds and the spectacular views on the way up.

    Some highlights:

    1:09-1:32 staring longingly at Mt. Diablo Summit Trail singletrack as I'm climbing (it's been too long since I went on a mtb ride!)
    5:45-5:49 descending female cyclist singing
    10:58-11:08 crowd of hikers cheers me on and mentions the GoPro
    11:59-12:27 last part of Summit Wall steep climb
    12:45-13:00 views from both sides of summit parking lot

    Mt. Diablo South Gate climb 3-23-13 - YouTube
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    Nice videos.
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