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    I just got home from work in what was without a doubt the strongest wind I`ve ever ridden in. Amazingly, it seemed split exactly between the two directions that most of my ride is in and the steepest downgrade on the route had the wind directly at my back, pushing me to a truly amazing speed of 49 MPH! Coasting down that hill on a no wind day would probably get me to about 18. I felt like I was riding a Norton! Up until the halfway point, I had visions of shattering my PR for the trip home, possibly cutting over a third off the old time. Unfortunately.... several cars and a school bus were stopped in the middle of the road with blinkers flashing and nobody going anywhere. I finally realized that there was a power line down and the cars must have been waiting for the bus driver to try snaking himself out backwards or something. I had to detour a few blocks back upwind and absolutely could not pedal myself against it. Even pushing the bike was a major struggle. So no PB for time, but a definite commute speed record for me today
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    Sounds like fun
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    That's fast. Too bad about your PB. That sucks.
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    That's scary fast ... must have been a thrill.

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    Yeah, it was fun alright. Might have been stupid not to put a little brake action on, but how can ya resist a chance like that?

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    I've had a tailwind push me to 25mph. That was fun. 49 must have been a blast.
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    Wow, I went running in it but didn't try riding. They recorded gusts up to 80mph in my neck of the woods. I'm guessing it was just as bad if not worse up there where you live. Your crazy .

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    When I checked the weather right before my commute home this evening, the wind was blowing a steady 25, gusting to 30 something. Of course, I had to ride straight into it. I think I got a PW (personal worst) on my ride home. I got home and napped.
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    I got a nice, 10-15mph tailwind on my westbound portions of my ride this morning. Was able to hold 21mph most of the way, with spikes up to 27mph.

    The cost?

    According to the venerable, today's afternoon weather includes:

    "Wind: From WNW at 26mph gusting to 32mph"

    All in my face for 15 miles.

    Should be fun.

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