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    Zoic Shorts, a positive experience

    When I started commuting to my job I decided against traditional lycra. I work at a Special needs school and thought I might be conservative and try some MTB shorts. It dawned on me today that I have basically taken my Zoic Yuba's for granted. My commute is 22 miles round trip. I have around 120 days this year and maybe 40 or so from last. Rotating two pair, thats 80 washings each and besides fading they are still going strong. They fit me well, are comfortable, and were priced right at Performance. I have no connection to Zoic at all. But lately (for me) it's rare when something exceeds expectations.
    I am curious as to what other commuters are wearing?

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    I've only bought the Canari shorts with the gel dealey in it. It does the job, and they're really comfortable, but the chamois in one pair is coming undone in the front, which has made for some extremely interesting/uncomfortable situations. But once everything gets situated, they're fine. I've contemplated sewing it back up, but I think that would just be tacky, and if I had an unexpected blowout because the stitching tore the lycra, that would provide for a VERY embarrassing situation.

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