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    2013 Campa Record front shifter issue

    Hello everybody,

    I have a bit of an annoying issue with the front (left) ultra shift ergopower shift/brake lever of my newly acquired 2013 Campa Record groupset. Overall I am very pleased with the groupset, but on my ride on Sunday I noticed a rattling sound coming from the left shifter body when riding over (typical English) bad road surface.

    Upon removing the shifter from the handlebar and opening the shift mechanism via the back (the small hex bolt) I noticed that the end of the "rolled up" circular spring which rests in the plastic cable pull thing, has snapped. The little "hook" that sits in the shifter body is fine, the other end of the spring has snapped. That basically leaves that spring useless as it doesn't apply tension to anything any more. I assume that normally its function is to make sure the cable pull thing moves back into the "small ring" position when cable is released? Oddly enough, shifting still works perfectly well, both up and down.

    I am wondering if I need to replace this specific part or can live without it. Now, I've done some research and found out that in older campa shifters the part I am looking for is referred to as EC-RE054. The blow up scheme on the campa website for the 2013 Record Ultrashift Ergopowers however does not give a replacement part number for this spring, stating just that it is only found in the left shifter.

    I am hoping that somebody on this forum can tell me if a) this spring/coil is needed for proper functioning of the shift lever, and b) if it is recommended I replace it, can I buy an EC-RE054 spring as a replacement even though that part came with older shifter models?

    Would really appreciate your help on this one!


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    The spring end looks different to me on the current shifter.

    Here is the older one Bikeman Campagnolo Ergo Left Coil Spring: 1998-2004; 9 and 10-Speed

    The FD itself provides the primary tension for moving to the small ring. I suspect that those 2 spiral springs are only there to prevent rattling.

    No warranty coverage?

    Only the complete assembly is sold now Bikeman Campagnolo Record Left Ultra Shift Lever Body Assembly
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    Thanks for the reply. Your comments about the FD tension make sense, as does the comment about rattling. I'm sure everything is covered by warranty but I was hoping for a more time efficient solution by inserting a replacement spring at minimal cost.

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    If you registered online you should get a 4 year warranty. They may just ship you some springs (take some photos).

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