I've had a rear for a few years now. Got it for cheap, really is on the bike mostly for "oh hay, carbon brake". Front is a Dura Ace 7800, so as far as functional braking goes, I'm covered. But that's not to say the Revl is useless. Got around many times when my front brake pads were just too wrecked by the weather.

Basically just came to ask, though, is the pull of the arms looking uneven for you as well?

Ever since I've had the brake, on two frames, the right pad always pulls in faster than the left. I know this is a bit expected by design of almost all caliper brakes but this has always been a bit more extreme in comparison. I thought it was a housing issue but I've played with compensating with the barrel and qr. It never really gets better in that regard. I have the 1.3 gain cam which should work just fine with Campagnolo levers.

Nonetheless like I said I've been able to get around. Modulation is something I'd complement really despite the right side meeting the rim well before the left.