My FSA SL-K Light crankset has been making clicks and crunching sounds, and generally driving me crazy, so after reading all the posts on the web about how the MegaExo BB's are prone to early failure, I ordered a new one.

As I had the old BB off the bike, I thought I'd have a closer look at it. Just spinning the bearings with your fingers you could feel a crunchiness. I popped the outer black plastic cover off one of the bearing assemblies, and noticed the crunchiness ceased when spinning the uncovered bearing. So I pulled out the thin outer rubber seal into which the plastic cover seats, and cleaned up the area it sits in, as well as the rubber seal and the cover. Also wiped the grease off the exposed bearing. Added some Phil Wood grease to everything, and snapped it back together.

Lo and behold, no more crunchiness. So I did the same to the other side, and put them back on the bike. Rides as smooth and quiet as new.

So clean up and lube the seals on your MegaExo BB's before you write them off - the bearings inside just might be fine.