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    BIKE DETAILING - A Waterless Method

    BIKE DETAILING 2.0 - The “We Shine To Blind” Method

    Your bike is grimy, the chain squeaks and the frame is coated with dust. In fact your bike has not been cleaned for weeks. You get out the hose, bucket, soap, and brushes. You fill up the chain cleaning box with the citrus cleaner and get going outside. If you are Harold Clayton all you need is an inside or outside space, a display grid set-up (your rack), putty knife, shatter proof ruler, shop towels and the “Juice”. In less than ten minutes Harold has made that bike look like new!
    If you had been on one of the seventy-three bicycle events (multi-day tours, centuries) of recent vintage, you would have seen a bike cleaning station manned by Harold Clayton. Known nation-wide as The Bike Detail with the slogan “We Shine to Blind”, Harold’s story is a fascinating tale of entrepreneurship that found a niche and filled it with a revolutionary waterless bike cleaning system. Harold recognized the need of riders on week long or more tours to have their bikes kept in clean and satisfactory mechanical condition. His system includes executing a safety check as the “clean and shine” is executed. Using a bike stand made from a display grid with bookcase shelf holders and boat trailer chocks, he created a simple, inexpensive bike cleaning station. Next came the development of a liquid medium that would both clean and preserve all mechanical parts and frame of a bicycle. The “JUICE” was developed in conjunction with a frame builder and chemist from Waterford Cycles, Wisconsin. It is designed to protect the frame without any waxy build up. Utilizing shop towels, putty knife, shatter - resistant ruler and the “Juice“, pulleys, cogs, chain, brakes, frame are cleaned and the chain can then be lubed. All this work is done at eye level with the bike on the grid stand so a complete bike inspection takes place.
    Harold has been known to clean more than one hundred bicycles in an evening after the riders get in. He has supported Aids Rides, Cross State Rides, and Multi-Day Tours such as The Oregon and Washington Bike Rides.
    Harold always offers a free workshop on these rides that teaches his cleaning system and he sells cleaning kits and instructions at the Tours end.
    Not content to only provide bike detailing ( at a much lower price than your local bike shop) on some tours he offers a gourmet morning coffee service, camp lounge chairs, and a towel service. Now many riders check if The Bike Detail will be part of their tour as they have come to enjoy the enhancements it offers. For more information check out: [url=
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    should be .org not .com

    Thanks for the commercial.

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    Thanks and I know it sounds commercial

    However, I have enjoyed Harold's free workshops and his whole approach to cycling and wanted to share it with a wider audience.
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    Honestly, I'm not sure what to do with this information. I'm not an event organizer, I don't live near San Diego and Harold doesn't share his formula or technique.
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