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    Broken screw removal from Time Impact Ti/Mag

    I have seen this problem before in the reviews, figured it would never happen to me. The head for the allen bolt (M2?) holding the Q-factor adjustment hardware broke off sometime last spring;-)

    Anyways, I yard-saled all the bits on the road, and left the bolt in the hole, broken, because that was the only thing that is going to keep the dirt out of the hole. I will get a new assembly by raiding another pair or finding the re-build parts from my LBS.

    Q: How to remove a broken 2.5mm bolt from a soft Mag body? I know there is a screw removal kit, with a correct bit and a left-handed extractor. Is there one small enough for this job? Should I take it to a machinist? Anyone performed this job before?



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    If you know of a machinist near by, he or she will certainly make short work of the extraction.

    Otherwise a steady hand and a drill press are what you will need to prepare the said fastener for the extractor. The thing to be careful of is to not let the pilot drill wander into the magnesium body.

    Another approach would be to Dremel a very small slot and try to unscrew it out with a jewelers driver. Sometimes, without the head, the broken screw body is loose enough. You will need a jewelers loop with any of the above.

    Good luck!

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