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    Canti Spring pops Out (Avid Shorty 4)

    For whatever reason, the spring on my left-front cantilever pops past the metal stop every time I squeeze the brakes. This is a new phenomenon -- I haven't changed anything with the setup.

    I'm going to try reducing the spring tension and see if that takes care of it :-S

    Other suggestions?

    I have the newer style Shorty 4s that look like this:

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    This happens sometimes with an older set of 4s I have. It is annoying.

    I pop out the spring and bend it outward by hand. This usually gives it good enough tension once back in place...for a few weeks. Then it pops out again/loses tension and the pad starts to rub.

    My ultimate solution was to put it on my fixed gear where it doesn't see too much action. But if you figure out a better way, I'd love to know...

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    I know that this thread is over 3 years old...but...Just had this exact issue in the shop, and found this thread via Google search. Unfortunately it did not solve my problem...BUT....

    We took the brake off, and I moved the brake spring from the uppermost hold on the post to the lowest, and then bent the spring out by hand to boost the spring tension. Now the spring stays on under full brake pressure.

    So...I pulled it back off and tried it in the middle hole - was able to up the spring pressure to make the break "snap" a little nicer in that post hole. Try that...might save you the $$.

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