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    Quote Originally Posted by upstateSC-rider View Post
    I have to say...I have my first di2 bike en route (supppsedly with the latest fw) and you guys are seriously scaring me.
    How often are these fw updates done or needed?
    They're only "needed" if you want more features, or add newer devices to your Di2 that require newer firmware to talk to one another.

    For example if you built a Di2 bike pre-synchro shift, and wanted synchro shifting. Or if you had a bike built but wanted to add a wireless module that has new firmware and requires newer firmware on the rest of the Di2 network.

    Otherwise you can build a Di2 bike and forget about updating it basically.
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    Just wanted to say thanks for starting this thread and posting your solution. I got a new bike with Di2, and had the same bricking of my battery happen to me. I just ordered the SM-PCE1 as my 3 closest LBS don't have the tool. I'm pretty confident that using the tool will solve my problem. So thanks!!

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    Sorry your battery bricked too! But glad to hear my notes helped.

    As I said in the previous post, the one trick to using the PCE1 is to make sure you don't choose "type of bike" but instead click on the icon of the di2 cable that's the one that allows you to write firmware directly to a single device. Hope you are able to resuscitate it. In my case the PCE1 worked successfully on two different bricked batteries: on the first one I had to try the firmware overwrite twice.

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    Yup, I followed your instructions, and my battery was back up and running within 5 minutes. I also failed to update the firmware the first try. Worked perfectly the 2nd time. Thanks again!

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